I’m a visual journalist – a photojournalist, videographer and multimedia producer – based in Cairo, Egypt.

I’ve spent the last two years working for ABC News Online and ABC News 24, producing in depth multimedia content for the ABC’s Online Investigative Unit, and working as an Associate Producer on ABC News 24. Prior to this I was working freelance for a variety of jobs including Reuters news coverage, documentary projects and a stint as a deckhand and web editor on the world’s largest privately owned sailboat, the 88m S/Y Maltese Falcon.

I’m now back on the road as a freelancer, and loving every minute of it.

The blog is made up of my thoughts on a life on the road, events I cover and experience in work, and the tools and processes I use in production.

More of my work is available at http://www.edgiles.com

Australian Cell: +61 (0)449 741 457

Egyptian Cell: +20 (0)1098 017 668


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  1. Great blog!!Thanks for sharing! I am an Algerian journalist based in Cairo as well!

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