Libya’s Badlands: FT Magazine report from Southern Libya

Libya's Badlands: FT Magazine report from Southern Libya

A sample of the spread from Borzou Daragahi and my feature on Southern #Libya for the Financial Times Magazine – one of the coolest assignments I’ve done in a long time.

It was so great to work with the FT Mag on this story last November. Over two months in the ‘post-production’, we’ve been waiting excitedly to see this one in print for some time now.

Southern Libya is so remarkable, wild and remote. It’s rare that I travel somewhere these days where people have rarely, or never seen a journalist before. Southern Libya was just like this, so this report is quite rare and well worth a read.

Click on the image to see an online version of the article and the full slideshow of work published.

About edgiles

Ed Giles is an award-winning Australian multimedia journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Formerly based in Cairo, Egypt, Ed works with photography, video and multimedia production methods to explore in depth, human stories. In 2011, Ed was awarded a Walkley Award for Online Journalism, Australian's highest honour in the trade, for work with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Online Investigations Unit. In 2013, he was nominated for a second Walkley award, the Nikon-Walkley Award for Feature Photography, for work covering the overthrow of Egypt’s first democratically elected President, Mohammed Morsi, for Getty Images. Ed has also received the Australian Council of Deans of Education Award for Emerging Journalists in 2011, and a United Nations Media Peace Prize for Online Reporting in 2010. Ed has worked in Iran, Israel/Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Greenland, Burma, Nepal, the Caribbean Islands and French Polynesia, among other corners of the world. His work has been published and distributed by The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Independent (UK), Getty Images, Reuters Editor's Choice, ABC 7.30 Report, ABC Lateline, ABC News 24 and ABC News Online, The Age, The Herald Sun and The Jakarta Post. Ed’s photographic work is represented by Getty Images.

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